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Mark your calendars

May 9th and 10th 2025

and enjoy a pickers paradise

in the heart of Arkansas!

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From Conway to Harrison, you can enjoy a picker's paradise along Hwy 65.

Where can I set up?

ANYONE (Individuals, church groups, ball teams, organizations, businesses, etc.) can get in on the fun! While you are encouraged to set up ANYWHERE along Hwy 65 or in any town from Conway to Harrison, we realize you might not have that accessibility or connection with a landowner. Please reach out to your closest Chamber of Commerce or landowner -and then set up shop! For more information on a premier spot in Greenbrier, check that out here.

For an official spots in Greenbrier, you can set up at the City Event Center open space for $25 (that is for Friday and Saturday spot) 

What do you expect to find?
Anything and everything! Collectibles, Bake Sales, Yard Sales, Crafts, Handmade items, specialty boutiques, flea markets, antiques, folk art, you name it you'll find it!

More locations to be announced!

For more information on where to set up in Marshall:

For more information on where to set up in Clinton:

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