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The Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce Celebrates Kayle Browning as 2022 Citizen of the Year

What a whirlwind of a year for Kayle Browning! Where should we even begin telling her story? As if this beautiful, intelligent, Olympic silver medalist turned pilot needed anymore accolades we felt we needed to just go ahead declare “the year of Kayle” on top of it. As our community gathered around their TVs watching, praying, and hoping that she would take home a medal; we are not sure if there has ever been anything quite like this. A moment in time, that brought everyone together in such a unique way. From a royal send off parade that shut down Hwy 65, watch parties, winning the silver. Then, a dignified welcome home celebration, and being recognized at the Arkansas capital; Kayle has had quite a year!

(Bailee McKay Photo: Kayle in her world class send off parade!)

(Bailee McKay Photo: Kayle Browning being introduced at the capitol by Senator Mark Johnson after she arrived back home with her medal)

Kayle has a 20-year shooting career and has been on the USAS team since she was only 15. She enjoys flipping houses (she’s a realtor too), hunting, the beach, and working her two dogs. Making an Olympic Team has been a dream since she started shooting; fun fact, the laurel wreath translates to the meaning of her name.

Before she headed off to the Olympics, our communities began celebrating the fact that she was going. “Because, WOW. What accomplishment!?! Kayle has worked entirely too hard for us not to rally together and celebrate her achievements. She not only represents our local community, but the entire state of Arkansas, and of course Team USA! It is an extremely rare thing to say, we have an olympian right here in our own back yard,” shares parade and welcome home celebration organizer, Ashton Pruitt.

(Bailee McKay Photo: Faulkner County Judge Jim Baker awarding Kayle with some special ammo at her Silver Medal Welcome Home Celebration!)

Her send off parade and welcome home celebrations were something out of a movie. That sense of community is a common theme this past year that has been adding to the momentum of everything going on around us in Greenbrier.

Since winning the Silver, Kayle spends much of her time operating Cypress Creek Shooting lodge; a world-class training facility that just so happens to be in her backyard. People from all over have come to learn from Browning following the Summer Games. “We do a lot of coaching with lessons– to say that sales have gone up has been an understatement,” said Browning. The facility provides overnight lodging and gives people the chance to receive one-on-one instruction from expert shooters. Although she now spends much of her time training others, she is focusing on competing in Paris 2024. “The fire is more lit now to do it again than it was before,” Browning shares.

We are honored to declare Kayle Browning as our 2022 Citizen of the Year! you can bet as she heads to Paris in 2024, we will be cheering louder than ever. For more information on Kayle Browning and her lodge, Cypress Creek Shooting Lodge check out We look forward to celebrating her during our annual awards banquet tonight at Legacy Acres!

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