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Carmen Adams awarded Greenbrier Auto Sales Scholarship

Carmen Adams, recent graduate of Greenbrier High School was chosen as the 2022 Greenbrier Auto Sales $2500 scholarship recipient. Carmen's future plans include attending Arkansas Tech University in the fall and pursue an Agriculture Business degree. Her dreams include following her passion for florist work. She shares, "I hope that I can one day open my own florist or plant shop."

One fun fact about Carmen is that she can identify over 200 flowers and plants. She has been a member of the GHS FFA chapter for five years, and throughout those five years she served on the floriculture CDE team. She credits her CDE team for challenging her to work with a team, develop good critical thinking, and decision making skills. "Being a part of my school's floriculture team has taught me how to work with others to accomplish a common goal, how to study effectively with or without others, and overall, a lot about plants."

When asked what she loved about Greenbrier, she shares; "I have lived in Greenbrier my whole life and although I haven't always gone to school here, it is a very welcoming town that has an even more welcoming community." Carmen has volunteered many hours behind the scenes (Faulkner County Fair, Pets in the Park, Glisten in Greenbrier) making our community a better place.

Greenbrier Auto Sales and The Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce wish her the best in continuing her education and will be cheering her on! Congratulations Carmen Adams!

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