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Graham Brothers Electric -July Business of the Month

“We believe what makes us different is our want and need to help others” shares Alli Graham, office manager at Graham Brothers Electric. Since 2016 Graham Brothers Electric has been doing just that; helping others and offering residential, commercial, industrial electrical work and answers service calls. They also have Graham Brothers Security and Datacom, that specializes in camera systems and data cabling. They currently employ roughly 33 individuals in the area and think of them as family. Alli shares, “None of our success would be possible without the amazing crew we have working for us. We take so much pride in our employees.”

So, who are the Graham Brothers? Chase, Cody, and Clay. Chase the oldest, Cody, and then Clay being the youngest. Each brother brings something different to the table that just makes it work. Alli adds, “We like to think Chase is the brain behind the operation. Always the go to guy when we can’t figure something out and he can usually fix it within minutes. Cody, is the laid back one. He always has a smile on his face and is willing to help customers any way he can. He wants to make the customer feel comfortable with their choices. Clay, we consider the work mule. When a job needs to get done and someone has to get dirty, he is your man. Always willing to jump in with the crew to get the job done.”

Chase and Cody spent the majority of their years working for Fleming Electric knowing one day they would step out on their own. In 2016, Chase, Cody and Clay decided to take that leap of faith. This was an extremely difficult decision, considering they were all employed there for over 20 years. Once all 3 brothers were finally on the same team, they hit the ground running.

One of the most notable projects that Graham Brothers Electric powered was Glisten in Greenbrier. Chase shares, “We, along with our awesome employees spent countless hours on Glisten in Greenbrier. We literally worked day and night getting the project together. Just to see everyone in the community come out together and enjoy the lights puts a smile on our faces and made it totally worth it.” He adds, “We want to make a difference in our community any way we can, so when anything is asked of us and if we are able to lend a helping hand, we will always be there. Our children are being raised in this town, so we want to support our schools, churches, and just help out wherever needed because our hope is one day to pass this business down to our kids.”

(Left to Right: Clay, Chase, Cody)

Their future plans are to keep growing and be able to service Greenbrier and surrounding communities. Cody adds, “We have some major projects coming up and it takes a lot of employees to keep them up and running so we are always looking for good help to join our team.”

When asked, If they had any advice for entrepreneurs, they suggest to follow your heart. Chase adds, “Pray about it and do what feels right. It took us a long time to get us to where we are now. Believe us, it was not easy, but we made it because we were willing to put in the hard work.” The Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce is honored to celebrate them as our July Business of the Month and to have them investing in Greenbrier.

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