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Jettway Performance -Now Open

The Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce warmly welcomes Jettway Performance to the Crown Plaza shopping center at 8 Wilson Farm Road! For aspiring musicians and entertainers, Jettway Performance is the premier spot to enhance their education with experience based learning; now in Greenbrier! Owners Zac Dunlap, Matt and Faith Cody began this journey in 2017 as a side venture to their band, Zac Dunlap band. While many schools focus on technical skills with instruments, vocals, and more; Jettway takes it to the next level and focuses on the performance side. What began in East End, Arkansas now has evolved into three other locations in Bryant, Cabot, and now Greenbrier. “Our hopes are to eventually have anywhere from 80-100 students taking lessons. Currently we have 20 and we have only been open for about 2 weeks so we are excited we are fulfilling that need and are projecting to get to our goal for this location” shares Zac Dunlap, owner.

Jettway Performance in Greenbrier currently offers lessons in voice, piano, drums, and guitar. We have people of all ages, it is not just kids who benefit from being a part of Jettway. Musicians use us as a platform to grow, network, and continue to enhance their performance skills.”

To inquire about enrollment or if you have any questions contact Jettway Performance check them out on their website, and follow them on facebook,

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