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The Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce Celebrates Bleacher Bling as our April Business of the Month

“We try to be different and carry other things that folks do not have. We are cute, casual, and comfy here at Bleacher Bling” shares co-owner LaDona Simone. The team has been able to create a fun business that started out, almost as an accident back in 2012. She adds, “We were needing some shirts for our son’s baseball team I had a little bit of experience making signs, and my co-owner Heather Aich had made a couple of shirts and it just evolved from there.”

After that project, they starting accepting orders from other teams. They quickly realized there was need and moved from running the business from their garages to an office space in Conway. After outgrowing that space, they moved to Springhill.

Currently, they are located at 622 Hwy 65 and offer sublimation, vinyl, screen printing, embroidery and customize pretty much anything. Spirit and school gear, custom apparel with a touch of accessories and clothing is what you’ll find when you walk in. Future plans are to expand and offer even more because they have plenty of space, to do so. "We'd love to employ even more people in the community and give back. That has been our number one goal since this started, is to give back" shares Simone.

When asked if they had any advice for a new business owner, they shared, "You always have to work extra hard in those busy times, to make up for the slow. We've learned how to cope with the highs and lows." The Chamber of Commerce can't wait to see what else this innovative business has in store and appreciates their commitment to Greenbrier and the surrounding communities.

The Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce is proud to honor them as our April Business of the Month and invites you to stop by for a Mix and Mingle, Wednesday, April 27th 4-6 PM.

You can follow the girls on social media, in store, and online at

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