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Celebrate 501 Day!

Join central Arkansas as it celebrates a new holiday: 501 Day, to take place on 5/01 – May 1st, 2021.

Most people know 501 as the area code for central Arkansas. Over the years, 501 has come to represent much more than just part of a phone number; 501 has become a symbol of a beautiful, bustling region in the heart of Arkansas.

The Downtown Little Rock Partnership, together with other cities, chambers of commerce, and community organizations throughout central Arkansas, created 501 Day to celebrate the region they are proud to call home. The Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce is proud to join forces with cities across the 501 for this unique event.

“We’ve seen this done in other regions whose area codes correspond to dates on a calendar,” Gabe Holmstrom, Executive Director of Downtown Little Rock Partnership, said. “During a brainstorming session one day, we realized we had this great opportunity to celebrate the 501 on 5/01. We got on the phone with some other 501 cities and it snowballed from there.”

On 501 Day, businesses and organizations are encouraged to show their 501 pride with special 501-themed offers, activities, merchandise, public art displays, and whatever else they dream up.

With the hashtag #Celebrate501, @Celebrate501 on Instagram and Facebook, and, 501 Day and the Celebrate 501 movement now have a public platform for people to share what they love about central Arkansas year-round, culminating with an annual event on May 1.

To learn more about what cities fall in the 501 area code, and to see a list of activities and offers happening on 501 Day, visit

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