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Celebrating Daisy-A-Day -May Business of the Month

Taking a leap of faith is exactly what Reita Johnson did back in 1999. After losing her job and finding out that this business opportunity was available, she decided to just go for it! Having no real professional experience, it's hard to imagine teaching yourself the business. Proudly, she can say she is self taught. That is one reason Daisy-A-Day has so much of that small town charm that is hard to find anywhere else. Their special touch on floral arrangements, gifts, and so much more is unlike anything else in Greenbrier.

Throughout all of the years, Reita shares that there have definitely been challenges. “Making sure that you manage funds while paying the bills and purchasing flowers constantly has been a struggle along with always striving to please everyone that walks through the door.” Remember, a florists job is to put a smile on the recipients face and please your customers. While that is extremely hard to do, the folks at Daisy-A-Day are up to the challenge and try their best to do their best on every single arrangement. “We cherish the calls, cards, and messages we get when the customers enjoyed the flowers and tell us what a great job we have done. We greatly appreciate those comments. That means the world.”

The folks at Daisy-A-Day have been blessed by working as a family and investing into the building that they are in today. They made that decision after the first 4 years of business. They pride themselves in being engaged with the schools, the camaraderie among other businesses, and lending a hand when needed; especially during the 2020 Covid crisis.

Reita shares that some of her goals down the road are to retire or at least slow down and hand the reins to her daughter and continue to grow as a business. You can find Daisy-A-Day on Facebook and they are open 9-4:30 Monday-Friday.

The Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce proudly salutes Daisy-A-Day as our May business of the month! Please join them Tuesday, May 18th 4:30-6:30 during our Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce Mix and Mingle.

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