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The Tradition Continues -Tires for Less: September Business of the Month

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Tires For Less has changed, repaired, rotated no telling how many tires over the last 34+ years in Greenbrier. It was originally opened by Melton Cotton, then sold to Randy Goodnight. Then, Tim Hillis bought the business in 2002 and transformed it to what we know today. “Tire sizes have changed drastically. When I first started in this business, there were 3… now there are over 30. Sensors and low tire lights were introduced, so those have been some of the biggest changes in this industry.”

Through the years, the customers have made a big impact on Tires For Less. Hillis shares, “All the nice people that have done business with us has helped us keep going.” Owning the business, like most, definitely has had its challenges. “Financially, dealing with Covid-19, the usual things that every business owner faces. Hard work though is what kept us going. You have to keep your nose to the grind.”

Tires For Less is a family ran business with sons Kyle and Kirby. With the kids basically growing up there, it was pretty much a given that they would continue the legacy. Kyle shares, “It just made sense, and it was time. I was ready to purchase it, and Dad was ready to retire.” Kyle officially started running the business June 1st. “You know, I didn’t realize what my Dad did on a daily basis until I started doing it on my own. Making sure we had money to pay employees, bills, and the stress of that has been one of the challenges. Triumph wise, we have sold more tires this summer than we have probably in the last three or four. Tire sales are great right now, I’m not really sure why, but it is going great.”

Finding work and life balance has been important for them as a family. Leaving business at work and not bring it home is hard to do, but Tim was a great example of that and Kyle intends to focus on that as well. “It is very difficult to do, not answer the phone but you have to set your boundaries” shares Kyle. Doing that allows him to focus on what is important, and when. Kyle has some goals for Tires for Less and would to expand one day, but overall intends to continue the success and legacy of the business with same the great service that customers know and love. Tires for Less is open Monday through Friday 8-5 and located 110 South Broadview.

Help us celebrate Tires for Less as our Business of the Month during a Mix and Mingle, Thursday September 23rd 5-7 PM. Enjoy burgers from the Teal Grill and a bounce house from Hometown Party Rentals. Congratulations to the Hillis family!

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